Saturday, April 19, 2008

Baoan festival

My favourite temple festival is taking place this weekend..the Baosheng Cultural Festival at Taipei's Baoan temple.
Its a beautifully restored temple - which earned a UNESCO Asia-Pacific Heritage Award in 2003. Its a riot of sounds, colours and smells. Different parades, dances, floats and lion dancing. Its a chance for exhibitionists to stand out in the crowd.
And of course, great face-painting.
Its a wonderful occasion to see traditional Taiwan culture alive and thriving.
What surprises me is still how locally-rooted the whole event is. Somehow, it hasn't become overly commercialised.
Big crowd turn-out

Puppets for sale Fervent prayers in the crowd

Street fashion

Beautiful hand-made masks from the group among my favourites: the Twelve Grannies Formation from Hsuehchia, Tainan County.2 generations

Tying a maskIts hot!

Tiring day


Naruwan said...

Nice set of pics. You wanna put em up on Flickr or something.

caro said...

thanks! I enjoy taking pictures and sometimes do so for work too. But no time to deal with too many online sharing sites...a blog is enough for me

fiLi - 安斐理 said...

Wow, those are really cool photos. I've never heard about this event before.

Very interesting, thanks.