Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Its a beautiful country...and still very poor. Colonised by the Portuguese, Mozambique gained independence but was then soon plunged into 16 years of civil war.

Backpacking isnt easy; in many places you need a 4 wheel drive, and public transport is on chapas or massively overcrowded vans...fun at times and definitely a good way to meet people. The authorities seem to want only encourage upmarket lodges and hotels...


These shells are so beautiful...and fragile. They're called Pansy Shells, because of the flower etched into the shell. Easy to break into tiny powder pieces, and so amazing to find on the beach.

This is the kind of trivia that comes up in pub quizzes...did you know that Mozambique's flag is the only one in the world featuring the picture of modern gun..an AK47?

Beautiful beaches at Barra..

I really liked this historic town, Inhambane. Great atmosphere..

I have never been able to do handstands...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kruger national park, South Africa

I've just come back from a 3 week holiday in South Africa and Mozambique after a 3 month stint working in the south african region - mainly Zimbabwe.

First stop was Kruger National Park in South Africa. Its huge - bigger than many countries.

I only spent a day there...but it was amazing. Spotted four of the "big 5" - including the elusive leopard. Our guide was amazing as we staked out part of the reserve and then moved to the tarred road to watch the magnificent animal slowly and gracefully cross the road into another part of the park.

The prehistoric-looking rhino....spotted walking towards two cheetahs eating some prey

The cheetahs kept looking up every few minutes to make sure no other animals were stalking them while they were busy eating their prey

There were lots of really beautiful birds too...