Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day

A variety of events were held in Taiwan to mark Earth Day. Some seemed quite sensible (walking/cycling to work; turning off lights) others more ridiculous (eating a vegetarian lunch?! i still dont quite understand how that helps reduce global warming).

One of the cooler activities was the launch of Rolling Rose - a women's only cycling activity, touring Taiwan. Its organised by Giant - Taiwan's and the world's largest cycle company - as part of their wider plans to make cycling a national sport in Taiwan and get more women to take up cycling.

Some of the Rolling Rose team who will be cycling around Taiwan.

They invited some of Taiwan's top women ceo's to take part in the 13 day event, cycling around the island, averaging around 100 km per day.

Many had only cycled during their school days - and had just 6 weeks of training. But these career women have gotten to the top by their ability to conquer challenges - and this event is no different.

bike store for women - its at 309 Dunhua N.Rd, Taipei

Giant is trying to more actively target the female population. They've just open what they say is the world's first woman-specific bike shop, Liv, selling women's bikes and accessories.

The company plans to open other women-specific stores around the world.

And its a smart business move. As one of the Rolling Rose participants told me, women are keen shoppers..and more likely to splash out on accessories and clothing than their male counterparts.

interior of store, soft lighting and lots of pastel colours

Giant and other local bike makers have been trying to create a stronger domestic base - most of the bikes are exported, mainly to Europe. But in the last 5 years, the domestic market has grown; there are networks of cycle lanes in Taipei and other parts of the island; and the goverment has even created a national Bicycle Day.


Mina1988 said...

it is great to see your articles. Your articles make me understand Taiwan more deeply.

What is on your blog about taiwan is more than politics,i can see all areas of taiwan which hong kong media never talk about.

By the way, have you even been to Hong Kong?

caro said...

hi thanks for your comments Mina. I try to steer away from politics in my blog...though it can be a challenge, since the island is so politicised!

Yes, I have been to Hong Kong several times...