Thursday, November 6, 2008

goodbye Taiwan

Taiwan is where I learnt - and loved - salsa dancing

After more than four years, I've left island that I called my home.

While it doesnt attract the tourist hordes many other places in Asia do, Taiwan is a forgotten or hidden gem. I used to say living there was like seeing a flower bloom...not all of its attractions are immediately revealed; but the longer you stay, the more you grow to appreciate the place. From stunning mountain areas, beautiful beaches, rich cultural traditions, unique aboriginal lifestyles, its a wonderful place and I feel privileged to have had the opportunity to live there and get to make some really good friends.
I'll miss the place


Anonymous said...

Dear Caro,
That' too bad to hearing ur leaving, wish it is not goodbye to the website.

See you someday.

new visitor--Cynthia

caro said...

hello Cynthia, thanks for the message; hope to keep the blog going; so please keep reading!

Johnny said...

Hi Caro,

I am a Taiwanese living in London. Glad to know that you enjoy staying (or living instead) in Taiwan.

I didn't appreciate how beautiful the island was until I moved to Europe. Now it has become my favorite holiday destination - fair price, nice weather, fantastic scenery and above all lovely warm people.

I hope you will go back to Taiwan soon.


caro said...

I'm sure I'll be back to visit you said, Taiwanese are wonderful people

Joey said...

Dear Caro,
Thanks for staying in Taiwan for the past four years. althought taiwanese people are frustrating beacuse they think we are too bad in many ways, I always believe that taiwan is beautiful, and was undervalued. we just never thought about how good we actually are!! i am really glad you have proved this for me. maybe you know more about our value than us.
i'll tell others about your views. and ask them stop being sad! it takes time to bloom!

Rong said...

Hi Caro,
Welcome to come back anytime~ and no matter where you go, good luck!
Although I am not very good in English, I still like to read your articles very much.