Thursday, May 15, 2008

designs for the future

The annual Young Designers Exhibition or YODEX – opened at the World Trade Centre Today - showcasing the work of young design students from Taiwan and overseas.

The show gets bigger every year: and this year, an estimated 100,000 visitors are expected to attend; including manufacturers and design houses who are keen to spot the brightest design talent.
The normally sterile exhibition hall has been turned into a bright, colourful playground with different designs and concepts - from the weird and wonderful, the cute and cookie, to some quite high tech and practical ideas.

It's the largest student design exhibition in Asia. showcasing cutting edge designs from 48 universities in Taiwan and design projects from 20 schools internationally from fashions, to interior and multimedia design.

Linber Huang, deputy ceo of the Taiwan Design Centre which organizes this exhibition, says not only is it a good platform for students to get a big audience for their work, its a great way for manufacturers and design houses to get in touch with new talent.

"Innovation comes from the young..and its always fun", he said.

"We've contacted all the manufacturers associations to visit this exhibition..and they can talk with students and help them make their design come true..or if they have good talent, invite them to their company. "

There will be prizes for the top designers. Winnie Cheng's "Take A Seat" suitcase, featuring a padded sofa-style cushion, is aimed at travel weary people who want to have a comfortable rest on their case when there's nowhere else to sit down. Its been selected as one of the best 100 designs.
So has this design..for a baby bath by fellow Huafan University industrial design student, Chen Wei-chuan.
More playful items too..including these sex toy bunnies.
and this hilarious chart... which is part of the same display


abekonge said...

Oh, man...I wanna see the rest of that chart! :-p

caro said...

i ran out of batteries on my camera!