Tuesday, January 22, 2008

will he go or will he stay?


Taiwan's information ministers rarely stay out of the headlines.
Shieh Jhy-wey is no exception.
He's one of the three "controversial" figures at the centre of a row over the DPP's defeat in the recent parliamentary elections.
First he said he would step down, now he is reportedly saying he will stay on.
I don't want to be political on this blog, but Minister Shieh has been one of the most entertaining and creative ministers we've had in that post (and there have been many in the time i've lived in Taiwan).
He may be accused of many things...but never dull.


Veronica said...

You are right, but the information minister could not just MAKE FUN STUFF. For instance, his words would be your report on BBC. And then people in the whole world might have so kind of view regarding Taiwan’s government. I don’t think that he did the good job.
There were many good information ministers in the past years, the best one in my opinion would be the current mayor of Taichung city- Mr. Hu.

Anonymous said...

A good information minster should serve the government, which means the whole nation not just a particular party. And should not be a clown.
In my opinion, he is incompetence for this position.

FHsu said...

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Mina1988 said...

It is shame that I do not know who he is until I read your latest article as I am a Hong Kong girl love TW so much.(But i do not think many hong kongers know who he is,ah-ha-ha!)

This song is very interesting even though I know the propose.