Thursday, March 29, 2007

Designs for life

Young Taiwanese industrial designers are for the first time showcasing some of their ideas at an arts museum in Taiwan.

You can see their ideas in the lobby of the Taipei Fine Arts Museum. In the show - Beautiful Chaos – the 30 something designers - all set themselves the challenge of coming up with pieces that reflected the spirit of contemporary Taiwanese society and culture around them.
Some poke fun at the obsession with western brand names; and suggest that its time for Taiwanese to find their own unique design aesthetic that reflects the uniqueness and beauty of the local culture.
There's a stylish chandelier made out of Barbie doll parts..recalling that Taiwan was once a manufacturer of the iconic doll.
There are some practical ideas too.. from cool-looking rearview mirrors for motorbikes, to chopsticks that double as spoons and forks, and fun tablecloths for outdoor banquet tables that tie like a shower hat without blowing away in the wind.
One of my favourites: a simple hanger that allows you to display books and magazines on the wall - acting as a bookmark as well.
The show has been getting large crowds - creating quite a buzz. The days of Taiwan's mass manufacturing are over; and the emphasis has shifted again - from original design, to own-branding. There are some exciting ideas.

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